Our Story

We are delighted to be able to offer you beef from our family farm, which we take great pride in producing and are very excited to be able to deliver our product to your family.

The family farm has been run by brothers Aled and Iwan for the past 5 years, and they have focused on producing quality beef from a grass based system meaning that animals are out grazing for up to 270 days per year. The system takes great care to produce its beef with exceptional standards of animal welfare, a very low carbon footprint and are passionate to protect and enhance the local environment by protecting soil, hedgerows, woodland and water usage and quality.

We were delighted to be awarded ‘Beef farmers of the year’ at the prestigious Farmers Weekly awards 2021 in recognition of our hard work, innovation and farming system.

We focus on growing Hereford and Aberdeen Angus x dairy cattle which are renowned for their marbling and consistent eating quality, and have been truly humbled by the positive feedback received by some of the most talented chefs in the country.  

The secret to our nutrient dense, tender, flavoursome beef is very simple: we let our  native breed cattle mature slowly, and they thrive on our grass based system, making the most of our local climate and the plentiful amount of rainfall in West Wales.

Aled & Iwam Evans - Rest Farm, Rest Butchery