Award Winning Beef Farm

The beef comes from our Award Winning, Regeneratively Certified farm in West Wales.

  • Fresh Delivery

    All orders are freshly prepared. Being a craft product we deliver on designated dates and pre-order
    bookings are available. As a whole carcass butcher with all animals coming from our home farm we
    can offer the true nose to tail experience.

  • Our Animals

    We work with native breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Herefords who thrive on a pasture based
    diet. We move our cattle every 24 hours on to fresh grass which results in the most incredible
    nutrient dense and flavorsome meat.

  • Regenerative & Sustainable

    By running an efficient grass based system our carbon footprint is as low as 25% of the Uk average which is significantly ahead of the global average.  We’re also audited annually and certified as regenerative by home of world renowned labels - A Greener World